Early works


Occupy Rome

"Indignant, non-violent, non-partisan". The path along the trail of the first global cultural revolution has begun and with it the peaceful struggle for the establishment of a "new humanism".
In Rome, the group Occupy have settled the night of October 15, 2011 after the violence broken out during the procession for the international day of mobilization.
Born from the sparks of the Arab streets and inspired by the experience of the "indignados" in Spain, the movement faces the issues related to the global economic crisis. They propose models of sustainability based on self reduction and become a camp in wich to test and develop the dynamics of real democracy in order to promote an alternative reality that allows an ethical management of power and wealth.


"There was someone who spent his days cleaning the grooves, those small spaces between a tile and the other.  It was a job."

Francesca remembers well the story of a colleague, one of the 1350 dismissed by Agile company.
"What destroys you" says Gloria, "more than the loss of income, is the social exclusion". No identity, no purpose anymore.
"We live in a system in which you count for what you consume and if you are not able to do so, you are worthless".
EutOrto is an urban vegetable garden born in Rome on September 6th 2010 to escape from stifling alienation,

"to reenact the social elements of the work, to carry out a parallel and also alternative struggle to their battles of recent years, to have a reason to get out of bed and regain our dignity as human beings".

In 2006 Eutelia acquires over 2000 workers from computer companies Getronics and Bull.
In 2008 800 layoffs are announced and, after a union agreement, turned into a solidarity contract (work less, work all).
On June 15, 2009 Eutelia gives 1800 workers to Agile (Ltd. belonging to the Omega group with a paid up capital of 96000 Euros) keeping for itself 13000 kilometers of optic fiber.
After the sale, 55 million euros earmarked for liquidations disappeare.
In the next seven months the workers do not receive salary and on October 22nd 2009 1,192 layoffs are announced.
On 28 October 2009 the workers start the occupation of the company.
The bankruptcy court of Rome sets the two companies under extraordinary administration and emits eight arrest warrants.
Claudio Massa and Sebastiano Liori, on trial for Eutelia, are involved in other enterprice filures like Omega, Libeccio, Videonline, Seteco, Cartiera di Arbatax.
The CEO Samuele Landi is still in hiding in Dubai.
On January 24, 2012 a union agreement is signed, providing short term employment of 220 workers by the TBS group.
On March 7, the agreement is finalized with a pay decrease of 20%.
For the other 1350 workers, the Minister Elsa Fornero promised to "sensitize IT companies to hire workers of Eutelia and Agile".
A statement that has the flavor of a joke.


Malacarne (literally evil flesh). By this expression in Palermo, Sicily, a whole layer of society is identified. A word that links the stuff which people are made of to a moral quality.
They live in suburbs like CEP, ZEN, Falso Miele, Brancaccio, in Villaggio Santa Rosalia.

"U Villaggio" (The Village), as it's called, didn't live the sad fore of other urban experiments like this, so the Village, for those who don't live there, simply doesn't exist.
The dynamics of the city have erased this black heart of the urban context from collective memory.
But "life is good here," Raffaele, a kid called Gaddafi by his classmates, says. "I feel safe because everyone knows and protects you".
Genuine care and protection, away from the Mafia-like idia of territorial control, is what really need the kids who live the risky districts of the city.
This consciousness animates Vincenzo Pintagro, professor of physical education at the Giovanni Falcone junior high school, who lives and works with the boys of Villaggio Santa Rosalia since ten years. He trusts in sport values, rugby in particular, because they are the most effective instrument to establish the principles of legality and respect for each other.